"I use Pro-Care Products every day, I wouldn’t go without it."
~ Bill Jurgens, Trainer of popular SW Jilsie’s Gigalo $315,589 (136 starts).
"I have always used Pro-Care Plus hoof conditioner on all of my horses. It is great for the prevention of rain-rot, and it also prevents the nails from loosening up, which is a big plus."

—Barry Eisaman DVM and Shari Eisaman, Consigner of more than 100 stakes winners.
"My horses’ good health starts from the ground up, and the only product I use is Pro-Care Plus hoof conditioner".

—Charlie Dobbs, breeder & trainer of more than 50 world champion Quarter Horses.
"There’s no truer saying in the equine world than ‘no hoof, no horse’. Pro-Care Products are all that you need to keep your horses’ hooves healthy."

~ Randy Hartley and Dean De Renzo, World renowned trainers who sold The Green Monkey- for a record topping $16,000,000.00!
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