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Founded by Hall of Fame Horsemen and Blacksmiths in Ocala, FL, Pro-Care Products offers an exciting line of equine hoof care products. We have been in business for over 30 years and counting. Pro-Care Products began as a small operation and has grown into a nationally distributed company, with Pro-Care Plus Hoof Conditioner outselling every other hoof conditioner two to one.

Pro-Care Products is proud to be the producer of a hoof conditioner that contains a fungicide as its most active ingredient. This formula has changed hoof conditioners as we know it, allowing it to be used to treat conditions such as Thrush, Dew Poison, and even White Line Disease, while moisturizing and water-proofing the hoof, making it stronger and more pliable.

Due to high demand, Pro Care Products has added Pro-Tox to their line of hoof care products, which is formulated to aid in the treatment of more intense outbreaks of Thrush and White Line. Pro-Care Products are PROVEN SOLUTIONS and are completely safe for animal use.


What people are saying!

"I use Pro-Care Products every day, I wouldn’t go without it."
~ Bill Jurgens, Trainer of popular SW Jilsie’s Gigalo $315,589 (136 starts).
"I have always used Pro-Care Plus hoof conditioner on all of my horses. It is great for the prevention of rain-rot, and it also prevents the nails from loosening up, which is a big plus."

—Barry Eisaman DVM and Shari Eisaman, Consigner of more than 100 stakes winners.